About Threeimages

Threeimages 是一家拥有近十年拍摄经验的专业建筑摄影公司。我们致力于创作色彩丰富、视角独特、简而不凡、画面唯美的建筑空间摄影艺术。我们以诚信、专业、可靠的服务和有效的沟通,用镜头展现建筑师的设计理念,充分满足客户的需求,帮助客户提升建筑空间的内涵。Threeimages拍摄内容有建筑内景、建筑外观、别墅豪宅、酒店会所、地产楼盘、餐饮娱乐、景观规划、家具陈设等。高像素专业数码相机及专业Mac电脑调色为您创造色调完美、细节逼真的高品质图像。我们的优势来自于卓越的摄影精神、独特的创意表现及客户群的认可。 

Threeimages is a professional architectural photography organization with almost 10 years industry experience. We are committed to create gorgeous, simple beautiful and outstanding architectural space photography art from unique perspectives.
We take the good faith, professional, reliable service and effective communication. We use camera lens to show architect design philosophy. We shall fully meet the needs of customers and help customers improve the connotation of architectural space. Threeimages shooting content have building interior, architectural appearance, villa, hotel club, real estate building, catering and entertainment, landscape planning, furniture furnishings, etc. High pixel professional digital camera and professional Mac computer color will tailor made you create perfect tonal and vivid high quality image. Our advantage come from excellent photography spirit, the unique creative performance and customer recognition.

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